The Empire


The Draconian Empire controls almost all of known space, only a few planets beyond the Pline Asteroid belt are not under Imperial control. The Empire believes in fairness for all, in a very literal sense.

Draconian are dragons. They are all colors except gold and silver. There are no gold or silver dragons. It is said there once were, and that they were higher than the Bloodclans. Most dragons can shape shift. Some few can shift into more than one form. A very few weaker dragons cannot shift at all.

Dragons consider themselves superior to all. Some will not shift because they refuse to take a “lesser form”. Zianne the Red Queen has often said it is beneath her to shift.

Dragons do not allow slavery, but do keep pets. It is an honor to be a pet. Dragons have two words for pets Doai and Din. Doai are sentient, for instance a dog. Din is sapient, for instance a human.

They set the standards for money and goods. They do not acknowledge Knots. It is an act of high treason to sell goods higher than the empireal price.

Knots are a form of trade. On any planet that has a item that is lacking but due to the fairness of the empire must be sold at imperial prices, a system of trade has developed using a wooden or worthless disc with a hole in it to trade.

The Dragons began expanding their Empire at first for more space but also for justice for all. Expansion has recently stopped.

Planets that joined the Empire without resistance are ‘beneath the dragon’s wing’. Conquered planets are ‘beneath the claw of the dragon’

Those beneath the claw can be tithed for their resistance. This tithe can last up to 1000 years. The Sisters of the Light set the tithe

The Sisters of the Light are beneath the Dragon’s wing. They are the strong right hand of the Red Queen.

All fear them, though no Dragon would admit they do.
The Sisters gather all promising magic users to become Heroes of the Light. They train them at a special school called the Illuminousita. No one knows where the Illuminousita is located.

Heroes of the Light once chosen must go to the Illuminousita for training and then must serve the Empire for a year and a day. There is no refusal as your family, your village; your entire planet will face the consequences. Heroes are chosen, trained, and directed by the Sisters of the Light.

Dragons are divided into BloodClans. The highest is the Roai. The Red Queen is Roai. There are some lesser Dragons, usually very weak ones or ones that cannot have young, not of a BloodClan. They are called Drones.

Zianne the Red of Roai is Queen of the Empire. She had two younger siblings, a sister Genevieve the Blue and Rodoran the Purple. Genevieve died in the first year of Zianne’s rule, of a mysterious illness. She had not even chosen a mate. Rodoran lived a very quiet life involved mostly with his books. Collecting them from all over the universe. He finally married. She was of the Shanai clan second only to the Roai. His Kadane Evelynai the Lavender was as quiet as he. Rodoran died. Evelynai is perhaps insane. Their only son Natanielatai the Black resides on the Greenait Planet Hospital under constant care. His mother Evelynai has been there since the day Rodoran died. The same day Natanielatai was hatched.

Natanielatai has not been classed as a Drone, yet. It has not been expected he would live long enough for it to matter. The only Dragons he has ever met are his mother and her brother, the Grey.

The Empire

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