the Draconine

The Draconine

The Draconine race controls the Empire. The Draconine are Dragons. They consider themselves superior to all other races.

The Draconine have a strict order amongst themselves. It is based on BloodClans. There are three types of BloodClans. In order of power they are the Shai, the Onia, and the Loa.

Each type of Bloodclan is made up of clans. The Shai have been the ruling family for many thousands of years.

Legends however says that once the Bloodclans were little better than peasants and servants to greater clans of Draconine, namely the Gold and the Silver. It is never acknowledged or spoken of and all Dragons of today would deny that they were ever lesser.

There are no Gold or Silver Dragons or even a hint of gold or silver among any dragon of today. Legends still are whispered about a time of Gold and Silver. The legends do not say which was higher, or rather there are conflicting stories. It is unclear what happened. Some stories say they feuded, killing each other off in a great war. Some stories have them feuding, and after a Great War coming to an uneasy truce; each side becoming extremely separatist. Other stories merely say they ascended, giving no explanation as what that is. Dragons if they will speak of it at all say they died in a plague, being the weakest of the Draconine. All Dragons are shifters. Some are limited to being able to take only one form. The more powerful Dragon can take many forms. Some dragons never take other forms, considering it beneath them to take a lesser creatures shape. Zianne the Red Queen attests that she falls into this category. None dare say otherwise. A few Dragons cannot shift at all. Only a very few of the very most powerful magical Dragons have been able to take the form of another Dragon.

the Draconine

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