Vivane Alucard

Vampyrie psi warrior


Before the empire took over your world it was ravaged many times over in Wizard wars. There is still left over magic from the wars reeking havoc. Your planet is now one half dark, dreary and full of petrified forests. The tree look like dead things but are really living trees the wood of which rivals iron. Monsters have for the most part taken this half as theirs. The other side is light and airy and pretty. Elves and Humans and all creatures of light have taken this half.

Since conquered by the Empire you have been paying the tithe in wood. At first the Sisters of Light claimed the sapient pear wood. This was a wood that was caught in a great battle in the second wizard war. So much magic landed on the pear trees and was soaked up by them that they became alive, sapient. This trait stayed with the wood even if it was cut and crafted into something else. It was in high demand and with the tithe and the Sisters of Light confiscation it has become extinct. Now the Sisters of Light have set your tithe as the petrified wood, ironwood.

Your planet lacks the material to make cloth. It is rare to keep sheep or anything to make wool. Clothes have become a thing traded for Knots. What few clothes most have are worn mended and hammy downs.

There were once many magical creatures on your world, centaurs, unicorns, Pegasus, and even two kinds of pixies and water sprites. Tough it seems as if few if any exist having become extinct since the Empire took over. There are often rumors of water sprite drowning someone. Or even of the tooth fairies attacking a party in the Darkan, though this is hard to prove as little is ever left of the supposed victims, just piles of flesh and remnants of ragged cloth.

Elves and humans and half-elves have a council which rules the light side of the world. But since elves live the longest most rulings are swayed in their favor.

Many believe that the monsters and even some of the magic creatures are little more than left over wizard magic. It is often said vampires were created in the second Wizard war to turn humans against elves. Vampire bites almost always kill elves. The Lady’s of Shaellin are the strongest supporters of the belief that vampires are wizard weapon. Shaellin is said to loathe the abomination of vampires, and Wizards. Your family hates Vampires. It is an old feud.

Vampires control the dark side. They like Dragons are ruled by a clan system. The Nightwalkers are the Lords with the Daywalkers as their right hand. Beyond the break down of clans there are four different divisions of vampires.

Purebloods are born Vampire. They are called Vampyrie. They can walk in the day. They are born with a power , though it comes in nearly full when they hit puberty and their fangs drop. They can not infect with just their bite but do have the power to Turn by sharing blood after nearly draining the one they plan to Turn. This will create a Vampiren though often weaker than one made by a Vampyre. Drinking the blood of a Vampyrie will not Turn you. It gives random powers and is said to heal. But it is not something done, and is frowned on in vampire society. Vampyrie become Vampyre when they die.

Vampyre are NightWalkers. They are purebloods who are dead. Their bite is infectious. Each Vampyre has a unique power. The strongest Vampyre takes Kingship.

Those bitten by Vampyre are Vampiren. They are not as powerful as a Vampyrie, but do have some of the traits of the Vampyre who created them. The blood of the Vampiren is said to be a narcotic. It is considered a vile crime if it used as that though. A Vampiren can Turn, it takes many bites and the ritual draining and sharing, few survive. Those who do are called Vampien.

Vampien are the lowest of all Vampires. They are little more than mindless animals driven by their bloodlust.

Vivane Alucard

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