Lilly FlowerPower

hafling scout/druid, age 17, honey brown hair, brown eyes, 2' 11"


This is a mountainous planet, with few areas that can be farms. There is a strange pink granite that can only be found on Crystalon. Its pink over time has leaked into some areas tinting everything in them pink. So it is not an oddity to find a small pink valley with pink trees and grasses. Pink deer and horses and even wolves are not uncommon.

This is a planet ‘Beneath the Dragon’s Wing‘. It is nearly at the end of paying off a thousand year tithe. It will be paid in full in 50 years. This tithe is paid in pink granite.

Because of the lack of farm land and the odd qualities of the pink granite it is hard to find seeds that will grow on Crystalon. Seeds and edible plants are a thing traded for knotts.

There were once many magical creatures on your world, but most are now just the stuff of legend.

The Fey small unwinged fairies once thrived on Crystalon. But they are just a legend now.

The Psycaia, butterfly fairies, are very rarely seen. The FlowerPower’s have for generations know of a valley where they still thrive but have kept this knowledge hidden from all. You have seen them once.

The Leprechauns that once lived here are thought to be extinct. There are rumors that they hide among the dwarves.

In the Labyrinth canyons there are Ogres. They come out to raid. They take captives but few know what happens to those caught as no one has ever returned, once they are taken into the Labyrinth Canyon.

It is told in your ancient stories of lore that long ago the Dwarves and Gnomes and Halflings came from Elsewhere to this fine new home where they had mountains and gems and stones to dig up.

The empire took over to ensure equality for all. Whom was not being treated equal no old songs say.

On Crystalon the dead are treated with great reverence bordering on worship. Elaborate coffins are made and great tombs dug into the mountains. Even the least important is given great ceremony and stone carvings on their coffins depicting who they were.

Lilly FlowerPower

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