Amazon age 20 red hair brilliant blue eyes 5'8"

Kethali’s planet

Your planet is only recently under the Dragon’s Claw; within the last 50 years. The sisters of Light set the tithe at 900 years, to be paid in spidersilk.

Your planet is divided into two factions; the marsh peoples and the tree peoples.

Among the Tree Peoples many peoples have mingled together becoming the Amazons. These include the Silvans, the Dryads, and some Humans. There are legends still of one of the original native species to this planet, the Zeirka. The Zeirka were said to hide among the Amazons know only by their blue eyes. There are also legendary peoples such as the Wind Lords, natives, and the Avari, somehow related to the Silvans, who once lived in the trees but kept themselves apart, from all.

Amazons use no fire. They have developed magic to light and cook with. They have amazing talents regarding wood, able to shape it like clay. Amazons have very strict beliefs about the dead. The dead are given to the Priestess of the Reaper. No one not of the order knows what happens to them. The possessions of the dead are taken by each blood relative and then friend of the dead. It is considered a way of remembering the dead. Their names are already on the Tree of Life, and are not removed just because they died. The Tree of Life is a very tall very old tree in the center of every Amazon settlement. Children are not named until their first year, when the parents take the child before the Tree and say the child’s name. The name magically appears on the tree. Those joining the Amazon clans, like your father must be named before the Tree. Only if the tree accepts them are they then apart of the Amazon. Those who die nameless are treated as if they never existed.

Among the Marsh Peoples many peoples mingled to become the Muddles. These include the Drow, the Eleionoma, and some Humans. There are legend of a native race know as the Bogda, a small shy people who live in the mounds near the marshes.

Muddles use fire. They are very skilled fishermen. They are also very good with metals. Some of the mounds are sources of a silvery metal that they have developed magic to shape and form. Your people really don’t chose to know much of them, considering them beneath you, little more than muddy savages. Muddles honor their dead in song. They build burial mounds where the dead are placed with their possessions. They name their children even sometimes in the womb. Their history is kept in song.

There are also the Chitton, though they make their home in the trees they deal with both Muddles and Amazons. Trading goods that both have for Spidersilk. The Chitton are not natives.

The Muddles and Amazons have long hated each other. They fight over the Sacred Places, each claiming ownership of them. They fight over the use of fire. They fight over how the dead are treated. They each consider their own race superior, and the other little better than savage.


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