Heroes of Light

session 1 circle room

Sister Clara,her grey robe and cloak with its silver spiral pin fluttering about her steps through the door with a toss of her long dark hair. Her green eyes sparkle as she is followed by Urg, his dark skinned face a little green and his tall frame slouching as he lets his long white hair in its beaded braids fall over his face. With her also is Kethali, her red hair pinned back from her striking face by a small silver spider and her blues eyes brilliant she steps in and away from Urg. Each is newly chosen to be Heroes of Light. The room they step into is a large circle nearly 90 feet in diameter. There are four wooden doors, one they just stepped through and three others. Beside each door is a recess in which is a statue of a dragon. They have entered the door with the purple dragon. To their left is a dark green dragon and to the right is a blue dragon. Directly across from them is a red dragon. The walls are white marble blocks, standing nearly ten feet high, before curving up into a dome 20 feet high at the center. Along the edge of the ten foot stone wall is an inset, from which a pale blueish white light glows illuminating the room. The floor is polished black marble except in front of the doors. From each door a path in white marble runs to the center and circles a mosaic on the floor. the same mosaic is on the ceiling . It is a image of two dragons, one silver, one gold,flying in a night sky. Between them is a ball of white that almost glows. the whole is framed in green tiles. Sister Clara instructs them to wait. she walks along the white tiles to the center and circles the mosaic once, before taking the white tiled path to the door with the red dragon. Urg slouches against the wall. Kethali moves farther away from him and begins to explore a little. A few moments later the door with the green dragon opens and Sister Clara, her clothes now crisp and clean no longer covered in the marsh mud, enters with two girls. One is fair with blonde hair and blue eyes, she is petite. she appears to be a priestess. she carries with her a tall staff. The other is as dark as the first fair. Her hair is long and black and her eyes are nearly as black as her hair. There is something captivating about her. she shivers a moment and then curses. The petite girl shrinks from her and it is then all notice her fangs. Sister Clara instructs them too to wait and ignoring Kethali and Urg, she again walks only on the white tiles and circles the mosaic before leaving through the door with the red dragon. Regaining her composure the petite girl introduces her self to Kethali, she is Elizabeth Smore and her companion is Vivane Alucard. Urg barely acknowledges them. Vivane too is preoccupied and leans against the wall waiting.Elizabeth inspects the mosaic as Kethali looks up the wall wondering what lights this room. the door with the blue dragon opens and Sister Clara walks in this time followed by two young men. one is dressed in armor and the other in a long leather coat. while one carries a sword the other plays with a deck of cards, his hands never idle. Sister Clara has them wait as she leaves walking along the with tiles she smiles to Elizabeth and nods to Kethali as she passes them. she leaves through the door with the green dragon. Elizabeth begins introducing herself and the others to the two young men. the one in Armor says his name is Zane , and moves off looking around at the whole room, he too looks up and wonders where the light is coming from. The other young man is Jack, and he makes charming talk with the petite young woman. Kethali suddenly decides to jump up grabbing on to the ledge she levers her self up for a look at the lighting. she jumps back down not telling anyone what she saw. Zane decides if she can do it he can to only he struggles much and after several tries manages to just peek over the top. suddenly behind him he hears a door opening and immediately drops to the floor. Sister Clara enters through the red dragon door this time four small people follow her. two are young men, one is a richly dress dwarf, one is a gnome clad all in green with a long bow. two are female one is a gnome with wild blue hair and the other a quiet young halfling with a pink wolf cub. Elizabeth again introduces everyone. the dwarf is Prince Edward and he seems annoyed with the waiting and that no servants are about to tend him. The male gnome is Charmon le Von and he is bored and only interested in that he can practice in here. the gnome girls is Chanti Ki Riszo and she is a chatterbox til she gets distracted by how the chemical might mix to achieve the blue light. the young halfling with the pink wolf cub is Lilly FlowerPower and she seems kinda of standoffish. she begins to explore the room. Lilly instantly notices something odd and comments out loud about how the center mosaic is odd on the floor. the one on the ceiling is made of real gem stone and gold and silver though she doesn’t know what the ball of white is. she also tells how each of the dragons is a gem stone, ruby emerald, amethyst, and sapphire. she keeps searching and finds two loose stones behind the first is a small blue notebook. the other was just out of her reach and as Urg was standing near she asked him to help her get what was there. treating her with great respect he moved the stone and handed her a small vial of blueish fluid and a quill. think perhaps it was ink she gave it a try only to have the ink disappear. then Sister Clara enters through the door with the blue dragon. The hood of her cloak up she walks slowly leaning on a knarled staff along the white tiles at her side holding her hand is a very young boy, of perhaps seven. his hair is dark and his eyes are a brilliant blue. she leads him to a spot in the room and leans down whispering something to him, as she does a lock of grey hair falls from beneath the hood. she hands the boy something, across the room Kethali smells something wonderful. she tells him to wait and leaves again walking the white tiles and circling the center and then leaving through the purple door. Kethali is fascinated with the smell and goes to talk to the boy. he says its candy and he only gets it sometimes. and its very good. their eyes are almost the same blue. it is discovered that the boy was taken from his grandmother and has been chosen. Just then sister Clara enters the door with the emerald dragon. she has with her two girls each identical in looks only there clothing slightly different. one wears all white and one all black. each looks like a viking goddess. ........(more later tired)


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